9-Year old Saudi boy carrying his sister’s school bags goes viral

9-Year old Saudi boy carrying his sister’s school bags goes viral

Saudi Arabia: A nine-year-old boy, Mishaal bin Bandar Al-Shahrani, became a viral sensation on social media, as he was seen carrying 3 school bags of him and his two sisters Sarah and Noura in a viral picture, while returning home from their school in Khamis Mushait of Asir region in Saudi Arabia.

The marvellous scene grabbed the attention of his father, who clicked the picture of it and posted it on his family Whatsapp group. The picture went instantly viral, grabbing the attention of many people, who liked, commented and shared the picture. Saudi Boy bag act

The viral boy said, “I always like to help my family, especially my sisters Sarah and Noura while returning from school, the bags were not heavy, but I wanted to help them in the crowd and the hot weather”. He added that, he came to know about the picture taken by his father only after it went viral on social media. Saudi Boy bag act

The governor of the Khamis Mushait and the director of education in the Asir region visited the student at his school, he honoured him with an amount of money and debits for him and his two sisters. He heaped praise on the boy for his noble act, this reflects the outcome of good raising and preparing the child to shoulder responsibility despite his young age.

About Khamis Mushait

Khamīs Mushayṭ, city, southwestern Saudi Arabia. It is situated about 17 miles (27 km) northeast of Abhā. Khamīs Mushayṭ is located inland in a mountainous region with fertile soil. It is traditionally a commercial centre; the name Khamīs signified the Thursday market of the Mushayṭ clan. The establishment of army and air force bases to the south brought rapid expansion to the city. Aside from the city’s military importance, agriculture represents a major aspect of the economy, the main crops being wheat, rice, coffee, and henna. Pop. (2004 est.) 372,695.

Source: Agencies

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