A fashion show for the books!

A fashion show for the books!

To brighten a gray rainy day in Manhattan, Moschino added a dash of color and fun into their runway recently! 

Jeremy Scott, the brains behind the Italian luxury label, went all out by filling the runway with bright baby blues, pastel pinks, and greens and purples.

It was the must-see show at the New York Fashion Week this year that opened with Gigi Hadid who wore a baby blue three-piece suit — miniskirt, bustier, and jacket — adorned with a motif of pink elephants and other whimsical animals, with a heavy necklace around her neck bearing letters that spelled “MOSCHINO.”

Runway Fashion show inspired by Children1

The entire runway was adorned with dozens of outfits following a similar concept — women in baby-themed dresses and suits with safety-pin earrings or teething rings, with whimsical matching handbags and gloves. 

One of the long gowns that stood out was Hadid’s, with that long elephant trunk, and her bottle accessory, which she seemed to bite playfully as she strutted.

Out of all the accessories that made the runway’s waves, the sweetest was a small child’s beach pail serving as a handbag — taking viewers to fast-fading summer, which seemed even farther away in the middle of the soggy umbrellas in Bryant Park, Manhattan.

Source: Agencies

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