A must watch conversation with Mahdi Shafiei, a leading content creator from UAE

While the long conversation with TheBrew.ae, Mahdi Shafiei talked about the new genre of marketing, the social media approach toward brands and society, the future of social media platforms, influencer marketing and his advice to viewers “not to watch the social media”.  Play here to watch the full conversation.   

Mahdi Shafiei is the founder of one of the most trending media agencies based in the UAE. He started his career in sales by selling boots in his car to working at an advertising agency. Mahdi is now running a successful media agency in the UAE. Mahdi dominates the TikTok industry in terms of business as he was one of the first key players to offer this to his clients. He also has a great base of followers and viewership on TikTok, if you have not seen him on your FYP, watch out he’s on his way! Mahdi is not only crushing it on TikTok but within influencer marketing, social media marketing, and the traditional marketing industry for more than 100 clients today.

Shaneer N. Siddiqui

A news aficionado, Shaneer, Managing Editor of TheBrew.ae, is a keen observer of how news and mass communication industry is bringing about an invigorating change. He has a vast journalistic experience and writes on topics covering politics, social and development issues.

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