A player leaves everyone stunned with his skills

A player leaves everyone stunned with his skills

A video has emerged showing a champion pool player cleaning up a game in under 30 seconds.

Gareth Potts is an English four-time world champion eight-ball pool player and three-time World Master in the Chinese eight-ball pool.

The clue is in the name — this guy’s unbeatable potting skills were put to good use during an Ultimate Pool match against fellow pro Jake McCartney.

As is shown in a video shared by TikTok page @telfordpool, Potts manages to pot all seven yellows and the black ball in under 30 seconds.

Even the commenters were stunned, with one saying in disbelief: “This is ridiculous… you are joking!”

“That must’ve been what, 20 seconds or something?” says the other.

Speaking about this incredible clip, Ultimate Pool TV wrote, “Gareth Potts produced possibly the fastest 8-ball pool break and clearance under pressure, ever, during his opening round Champion of Champions Shootout match against Australia’s Jake McCartney.”

Safe to say the viewers were just as amazed by the feat, taking to the comments section to share their praise for Potts.

From the pro pool to pub games, another baffling video emerged back in summer showing an amateur player winning a pool shot that appears to defy the laws of physics.

As you can see, the game went to the very final ball, and one of the players tried to be smart and played a safety shot.

While it seemed as if the first player managed to subdue his opponent for one more shot at least, well, that’s where he was wrong.

The second player comes up and takes aim from an angle across the ball, then manages to send the cue ball skittering across the table, whilst the black ball travels back into the pocket.

Source: Agencies

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