A revolutionary blood test that could save lives!

A revolutionary blood test that could save lives!

The National Health Service (NHS) has begun a trial of an innovative new blood test that is said to be able to detect 50 different types of cancer.

It’s called the Galleri test, and it’s going to be tested on people across the UK. The test can detect cancers that aren’t screened for routinely, and could potentially pinpoint where in the body they are coming from with great accuracy.

This test could possibly save thousands of lives each year because the earlier that cancer is detected, the more likely it can be treated effectively.

The Galleri test works by looking for chemical changes within small parts of the genetic code leaked from tumours into the blood.

As it goes certain cancer tumours are known to start leaking this DNA long before the person experiences any symptoms.

This trial is run by the NHS is the world’s largest and will see blood samples taken at several mobile testing sites in retail parks and other locations around the UK.

The test is already showing hope and is particularly effective at identifying cancers of the head, neck, bowel, lungs, pancreas, and throat.

The trial for the NHS is being led by the Cancer Research and King’s College London’s Cancer Prevention Trials Unit, as well as Grail, who developed the test.

Source: Agencies

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