Al Ain Zoo announces Eid Al Adha opening hours

Al Ain Zoo announces Eid Al Adha opening hours

AL AIN – Al Ain Zoo has announced its timings during Eid Al Adha for families, tourists and wildlife lovers from 9:00 am till 8:00 pm, from July 19th till July 22nd.

The Zoo features the thrilling experience of witnessing the feeding of the world’s dangerous predators like African lions and crocodiles, the unique Hippo and Crocodile Exhibit, the House of Big Cats and many other adventurous areas.

In addition, visitors get an inside look at the lives of animals by watching the training and rehabilitation programmes of monkeys and listening to the stories of the zookeepers who will be sharing their experiences and the secret lives of lions, lemurs, chimpanzees, Asian and African animals and reptiles.

The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre, also open daily throughout Eid, provides a wide range of entertaining and culture-rich experiences for the whole family, including activities like colouring pottery, and making animal face-masks at the Village of Clay, puppets theatre, and traditional crafts. Visitors can enrol in the Desert Programme to learn more about camels, desert owls, the traditions and protocols of Arab hospitality and coffee making, in addition to the environmental need to recycle plastics.

Source: WAM

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