Art mural at Kite Beach to inspire dialogue on diversity in  Dubai

Art mural at Kite Beach to inspire dialogue on diversity in Dubai

DUBAI: Converse is celebrating inclusivity and highlighting the importance of local creatives in the latest instalment of Converse Create Next Murals, now live at Kite Beach in Dubai. Located near the main cluster of food trucks, the mural wall was created to provide a platform for artists, with a focal point at one of the city’s most popular public beaches.

Revealed today, the epic recreation of the Dubai skyline was originally conceived by Abdulla “A.L.” Lutfi, an Emirati artist based out of the Tashkeel studio in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. An artist of determination, A.L. designed the monochromatic cityscape using his trademark marker pens, illustrating the iconic UAE buildings entirely from memory.

The expanded Kite Beach mural was painted by Dubai-based street artist Maddy Butcher, who collaborated with A.L. to transform his original piece for the Converse Create Next project. The partnership itself is key to the project, with the message that every action makes a difference, and every artistic creation leaves an impact.

The mural is already sparking dialogue on the topic of inclusivity and diversity, with so many different nationalities and ethnicities present throughout the UAE. The artwork represents the spirit of togetherness, with the duo of Converse Create Next artists celebrating Dubai and the blend of people and cultures who make it an incredible place to live.

“A lot of my paintings feature what I call ‘fluid positivity’, which fits the theme of Converse Create Next. With vivid patterns and bold lines, the pieces do not fade into the background. I think that vibrancy is a good reflection of the city and the amazing creative talent we have. As we collaborate more and reach across cultural divides, we can unlock even more creativity across Dubai,” explained Maddy, who has created street art in several major cities across the globe.

Abdulla and Maddy have partnered with Converse through the ongoing Converse Create Next Mural campaign – a consumer engagement platform that inspires the next generation of cultural game changers to Create Next. The Create Next campaign is comprised of thousands of emerging creative leaders, from over 30 countries around the world who champion progress in sports, art, music and culture. 

By creating more opportunities for individuals in the creative fields and accelerating the individual impact and dialogue in local cities, like Dubai, Converse hopes to unleash the full potential of all of us, as we create the change we want to see in the world. Many times, that progress starts on the street, in our neighbourhoods and communities.

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