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These toys can help your kids hone their social skills

Meditation toys to help kids manage their feelings. A Lego kit for coding, with a focus on problem-solving skills. And an Amazon video chat portal that uses holograms, games, and puzzles to keep little ones engaged on calls. A recent crop of toys and products that launched during the pandemic aims to help young children […]...Read More

Scientists discover a new form of revolutionary reproduction

Scientists have managed to create robots that can reproduce on their own. A team of researchers announced last year that they were going to create synthetic lifeforms that were made up of skin cells and heart muscle cells derived from frog embryos. These creations were called Xenobots, which came from the scientific name for the […]...Read More

A special guest graced audiences at the centre stage of

DUBAI: The Colombia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai observed the International Jaguar Day recently with a programme of talks and exhibitions to raise awareness about the increasing threats facing the big cat and the critical conservation efforts ensuring its survival, from Mexico to Argentina. Observed annually on November 29, International Jaguar Day celebrates the Americas’ largest […]...Read More

After nearly a century something quite significant has appeared in

Another atmospheric river will be streaming into western Washington and parts of British Columbia, Canada, this week. While back-to-back-to-back systems for the region seem a bit like a broken record lately, the phenomenon is truly significant. Rivers in the sky have led to landslides blocking roads, rivers inundating towns, and in one case, returning an […]...Read More

The Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai hosts “No time

Dubai: The Swiss pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is hosting a waste management exhibition entitled “No Time To Waste” to showcase circular economy solutions on managing and recycling waste to generate value. The exhibition is running until December 10, 2021. The exhibition serves as an opportunity to showcase Switzerland’s innovative solutions on how waste can […]...Read More

Quality Street — An intricate look into the beloved chocolate

In a remarkable and wonderful piece of pedantry, a person online called Inequality Street meticulously weighed up and measured the sweets to present a fully-costed analysis of their relative value for money. On Facebook, they presented their findings and discovered that in an 800 grams Quality Street tin, there are just four of the coveted […]...Read More

A remarkable town that has been a well-kept secret until

From 3,000-year-old Uplistikhe to the 6th century David Gareja Monastery and the long-forgotten dwellings of Samshvilde, all of Georgia’s cave sites are awe-inspiring. But none prevail quite like Vardzia. Scattered across the slopes of Erusheti, looming over a lush valley scored by the Kura river, Vardzia is Georgia’s most remarkable cave city. In its day, […]...Read More