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Fuel-heavy Japan set to ban petrol-run cars by 2030s

Japan wants to ban sales of new petrol cars in around 15 years’ time as part of efforts to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, reports said Thursday. The new policy could be announced as soon as next week, building on an existing push to promote electric and hybrid vehicles, the Mainichi Shimbun said without citing […]...Read More

#COVIDVac: UK, Russia set to roll out as global cases near 1.5M

Britain on Wednesday became the first western country to approve a Covid-19 vaccine for general use, while Japan and Italy pledged free inoculations as the global death toll shot over 1.49 million after the Americas logged a big surge in cases. Hours after the announcement okayed the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine boasting an efficacy rate of 95% […]...Read More

Museum of the Future shines 49 lights on National Day

Paying tribute to the nation’s ideals of love, compassion, freedom, equality, and justice the revolutionary Museum of the Future lit up on UAE’s 49th National Day just a year shy from the big 50. “Tonight, we celebrate the vision of those from our proud past, with 49 lights shining out from the Museum of the […]...Read More

Super Nintendo World: The ‘Mario’ scape of your dreams soon to be a reality!

The world’s first Super Nintendo World is set to open on the premises of the Osaka-based Universal Studios Japan in a delightful announcement that came directly from inside the park’s newly revealed Bowser Castle Monday. Executive producer Thomas Geraghty of Universal Creative — the innovation and creative arm of Universal Studios — said the opening day […]...Read More

BTS’s iconic ‘Dynamite’ costumes now on auction!

The K-pop band members of BTS are offering up their outfits from the music video of their hit single “Dynamite” to the highest bidder in a Beverly Hills, California, charity auction in January. The pink, blue, yellow and lavender pastel outfits the seven singers wore in the record-setting video are expected to fetch what Julien’s […]...Read More

#ClimateAction: New Zealand vows shift to carbon neutrality by 2025

New Zealand promised its public sector would become carbon neutral by 2025 as it declared a climate emergency on Wednesday, a symbolic move that critics said needed to be backed with greater actions to reduce emissions. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the climate emergency declaration was based on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s findings […]...Read More