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A gold coin worth AED 3 million was discovered quite

Michael Leigh-Mallory, a metal detectorist discovered his first-ever gold coin, which turned out to be worth a whopping £648,000 (AED3million). Mallory found the coin on farmland in Hemyock, Devon while on his first metal detecting outing in a decade after feeling inspired to pick the hobby back up by his kids.  Initially, he was unaware […]...Read More

HIPA’s photography contests winners announced

DUBAI: The Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) has concluded the November 2021 edition of the Instagram Photo Contest, “All Things Expo,” and the December edition, “Man-Made.” Ten winners were announced for both contests with submissions being received under the hashtag #HIPAContest_AllThingsExpo for the November edition and #HIPAContest_Manmade for the December edition. […]...Read More

Dubai resident wins twice in the DSF raffle

DUBAI: Pradeep Dvsk, 31 from Andhra Pradesh, India working in the Oil and Gas industry in Dubai since 2016, evoked lady luck not once but twice during the 2022 Dubai Shopping Festival. Scooping up a half kg of gold, Dvsk took part in Dubai Jewellery Group’s iconic DSF raffle after spending AED 15,000 on jewellery […]...Read More

Fish gets much needed dental job

A pufferfish underwent emergency dentistry after her teeth had become so big she was unable to eat food. Concern grew for Mark Byatt, 64 when Goldie the porcupine pufferfish began suddenly losing weight as her large teeth prevented her from eating properly.  Byatt rushed the five-year-old fish to Sandhole Veterinary Centre in Snodland, Kent, where […]...Read More

Stowaway found alive in the wheel of the plane

A man has been found alive who had been a stowaway in the wheel of a plane after an 11-hour flight from South Africa to Amsterdam. He was found alive at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport recently, having touched down in the nose wheel of a cargo plane from South Africa. The Dutch military police (Royal Netherlands […]...Read More

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has arrived in the solar

WASHINGTON: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, designed to give the world an unprecedented glimpse of infant galaxies in the early stages of the universe, arrived at its gravitational parking spot in orbit around the sun, nearly a million miles from Earth. With a final five-minute, course-correcting thrust of its onboard rocket, Webb reached its destination […]...Read More

Catch the Black Eyed Peas live at the Expo 2020

DUBAI: Celebrating 35 years of friendship and 25 years of smash-hit success, Black Eyed Peas’ are all set to perform at the Al Wasl Plaza guarantees to be food for the soul. Aligned with Expo’s subtheme of Mobility, the show from the Los Angeles trio –, and Taboo – is set to be […]...Read More

A tale as mysterious as Marie Antoinette’s watch

Over 30 years ago, Geneva’s Antiquorum pioneered the modern watch auction with its “Art of Patek Philippe” sale. Prior to that, the notion that fine watches were collectable was rather odd. It took the rise of the image of the once cheap electronic quartz models throughout the 1970s and ’80s to distinguish traditionally crafted timepieces […]...Read More

Global travel trends must transform to cater to future travellers

DUBAI: Global travel trends must accommodate the needs of future travellers and what they want from a destination, experts highlighted during a panel discussion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The ‘Reimagined Cities: Can cities leverage urban design and technology to attract the next-generation traveller?’ session, organised by the Singapore Tourism Board and held at Terra – The […]...Read More

Dubai’s cycling tracks encourage everyone toward an active lifestyle

DUBAI: Dubai’s fast-developing infrastructure projects have always placed the environment and human well-being at the core of its objectives. The various infrastructure projects built in Dubai have seen the emirate develop into one of the world’s most prominent cities in the last few decades. The emirate’s focus on building world-class infrastructure has extended beyond building […]...Read More