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Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul: Fist-fest set for 2021!

Floyd Mayweather announced Sunday he is set for an exhibition boxing match against controversial YouTube personality Logan Paul at an undetermined venue early next year. No details were released about the former boxing champion’s latest exhibition, other than it would be held on February 20. The 43-year-old Mayweather has not had a serious boxing match […]...Read More

Alarm bells: Europe logs its hottest November on record

Last month was the hottest November on record as Europe basked in its highest Autumn temperatures in history, the European Union’s satellite monitoring service said Monday. The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) analysis of surface and air temperatures found that November 2020 was 0.8C warmer than the 30-year average of 1981-2010 — more than 0.1C […]...Read More

Masks up, scope on! GITEX 2020 opens with a futuristic bang

The annual tech extravaganza GITEX hits the UAE once again, now in its 40th run, ready to draw in experts and buffs alike. The exhibition this year has taken a unique ‘LIVE in-person’ route boasting insightful talks by industry gurus, mind-blowing innovations from start-ups to enterprises, uber immersive pavilion experiences and a Robo-DJ and cook […]...Read More

”Together is Beautiful’: Musicians from nearly 200 countries play a diverse global tune

For the first time in music history, 197 musicians – one from each country – have formed an orchestra, hoping to exemplify how people can transcend physical and cultural borders to come together. The Earth Orchestra’s song “Together is Beautiful” – recorded in different locations then mixed together – and a documentary telling the stories […]...Read More

Paris streets set aflame as anti ‘police security’ protests take a violent turn

 Violence erupted in Paris on Saturday for the second consecutive weekend at a mass protest against a new security law, with demonstrators clashing with police, vehicles set alight and shop windows smashed. Thousands of people had began marching peacefully in Paris, waving banners that read “France, land of police rights” and “Withdrawal of the security […]...Read More