Dr. Nidhi Agarwal

Dr. Nidhi Agarwal is a connoisseur of the Holistic approach to propagate medicine free lifestyle since last 12 years. She is a Homeopathic physician, lifestyle & Wellness coach, relationship counselor, a holistic healer and the director of Prakash holistic health care centre. A doctor a counselor a nutritionist a healer a philanthropist and an eco-warrior.

Practise self-care with Aromatherapy

Humans are social animals; however, these social animals forget to socialize with themselves. Yes, I’m talking about self-love. Self-love is the key to a happy healthy long life. The three things that show how much you love yourself include: how much you move in a day, how many lives you’ve touched in a day and […]...Read More

Ramadan Special: Fasting or Feasting?

Fasting is an age-old tradition that keeps us spiritually uplifted while also balancing our overall health. That does not mean suffering, it is after all a sacred tradition to inbuild habits like self-control against food, impure thoughts and deeds. In fact, it’s a step toward refreshing your body to gear up for the hurdles of […]...Read More

Deep Sleep: Your immunity tonic

Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. A proverb we have heard for ages. Although we easily decipher the proverb, in the work-from-home scenario, no one has been following a healthy lifestyle pattern or this proverb in any way! Right! Yeah, I hit the bull’s eye there, did I […]...Read More

Winters and Pandemic Fatigue

The frosty winters are in but lo and behold, the pandemic fatigue has accompanied the chills as an additional frill. Overwhelmed with suppressed emotions for two long devious years, it is time to catch up with friends and family and usher in joyful festivities. But did we forget about our health? Have we parked it […]...Read More

Living it up in COVID

The latest buzz about Covid-19:3rd wave is all across the globe.You can’t stop the waves,but you can learn how to surf. Vaccine is widely considered a super weapon against the Corona virus but it definitely is not the sure-shot one. The statement which I commonly hear – Doc, we have taken a jab, we can […]...Read More

Myth-squash: No Carbs or Low Carb Diet?

These days one needs to follow the trends to keep up with the millennials. True that! Whenever a gang of friends meet, besides gossiping the first question is “Are you on a diet…? You have lost weight. How did this transformation happen?” Another one will say “Oh God you have become a couch potato, why […]...Read More