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What kind of car passenger are you?

As per research, there are different kinds of passengers, which one of these kinds of passengers are you? The research also states that car passengers who tend to annoy you can fall into one of seven categories, with backseat drivers, snoozers and chatterboxes among the most irritating! The holiday car rental experts at have researched some […]...Read More

Are you drinking your calories?

We often hear the phrase you are what you eat, but not much thought is given to what individuals drink. Many find it easier to reach for a can of soda or processed juice before water, which can amount to almost 200 to 300 calories consumed, depending on the beverage. This can be a problem […]...Read More

#WorldBrainTumourDay: Know about types and prevention

There are more than 120 types of brain tumours with the warning signs as diverse as the brain’s endless list of responsibilities. But luckily, for most people the odds of developing a cancerous brain tumour are fairly low, says an expert from the global health system Cleveland Clinic ahead of World Brain Tumor Day on […]...Read More

#WorldEnvironmentDay: How sustainability is changing the education system

Dubai: Sustainability Education should be multi-cultural, multi-dimensional, and multi-disciplinary and should transcend the boundaries of the classroom and furthermore the school. The Core Values of GEMS Education support the leaders and citizens of the future, to responsibly shape the world in which we live, by creating an institutional culture, which collectively works to continually improve the […]...Read More

Expert Tips to Avoid Vitamin D Deficiency

DUBAI: Vitamin D deficiency is common worldwide and the links between the vitamin and many chronic diseases are increasingly being recognized and studied, but correcting a deficiency is not always as simple as popping a daily supplement or spending time in the sun, says a physician at global health system Cleveland Clinic. Susan Williams, MD, a physician […]...Read More

How to Protect Your Skin During the Summer

Protect Your Skin from the Harmful Effects of Ultraviolet Rays The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays have been very well known to have harmful effects on the skin. Even though we cannot see these dangerous rays with our naked eyes, they do break down the fibres that give our skin its elasticity. This leaves our skin […]...Read More

The Growing Business of Reverse E-Commerce Market

Welcome to the world of a progressively growing “unboxed” or “Refurbished” market. This now spans product categories ranging from electronics to wearables, home appliances, furniture, apparel, and even footwear. This article aims to focus mainly on the electronics, mobility, and appliances segment. Apart from a host of specialized sellers who sell via their own platforms, […]...Read More