Guest View

It’s time to find a new home (sigh!)

Let’s skip past the part where you call numerous brokers to find out the property isn’t available.  Let’s skip past the part where you hear the infamous line ‘the doors open, look and call me if you like it’ Let’s jump to the part where you have found your new home and are negotiating the […]...Read More

Prominent Investment Options in India for NRIs

Over the last two decades, India has gone through immense industrial and economic development as a result of which the country has become a prominent choice for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Even the Government of India has been implementing several key policies that are making the country much more conducive for investing money. This is […]...Read More

Eight steps to writing your book

Professional writers spend years exploring and experimenting to develop a writing method that works for them. At The Dreamwork Collective, we’ve come up with a clear path to help authors complete their manuscripts. Step one: Determine your goal/reason/vision for publishing the book. Step two: Organise your ideas. Write down your ideas, thoughts, and notes. Start […]...Read More

Deadly flooding, heatwaves in Europe, highlight the urgency of climate

GENEVA – Heavy rainfall that has triggered deadly and catastrophic flooding in several western European countries, is just the latest indicator that all nations need to do more to hold back climate change-induced disasters, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) said. The agency said that countries including Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands had received up […]...Read More

Looking to Study Medicine Overseas?

If you are an aspiring medical student seeking to study medicine overseas, here are 5 factors should keep in mind. Prospective UAE medical students looking to study medicine abroad have a raft of international options available. To help pupils with this critical career decision, Bob Ryan, Dean of Admissions at St. George’s University, Grenada, offers […]...Read More

Family Man Season 2 – A Powerful Homecoming to a

The Family Man Season 2 is a refined, riveting  and a much better show than the one preceding it.  With the chess pieces set on the board, kudos to the grandmasters in giving us an absorbing game. We see the protagonist, Srikant Tiwari, compelled to a desk job while his true calling is in dealing […]...Read More