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Back to school mental health tips

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Our daughter has attended school virtually for the past five years and enjoyed the experience. Now that she is heading into ninth grade, she wants a more traditional high school experience. However, she has become more nervous as school gets closer and complains about stomachaches. How can I ease the transition for her […]...Read More

Anne with an E: Period Drama Perfection

“In my maturity, I have come to the happy, evolutionary opinion that I’m unusual and I embrace it,” Anne Shirley Cuthbert says in the Netflix OTT series Anne With An E. Among the abundance of quotes from Anne with an E– a Canadian television series and the latest live adaptation of the popular classic children’s […]...Read More

Six steps to avoid a tyre blowout

With summer holidays underway, travellers are being advised to check their tyre conditions to prevent a blowout. The holiday car rental experts at are urging people to check the conditions of their cars to prevent serious consequences from occurring. Warmer conditions can lead to heated air expanding inside the tyres, which ultimately leads to increased pressure […]...Read More

Psychological tips to make life easier!

Humans can be complicated and the way our mind works is extraordinary. We think we have control over it but usually, the unconscious dictates our actions — especially when it comes to our interaction with others. Learning a few simple psychological hacks can make life a lot easier! 1. Want people to concur with your […]...Read More

Here’s the list of the top ten best driving holidays

Eager travellers are being encouraged to get behind the wheel on their holiday to fully immerse themselves in the culture overseas.  Holiday car rental experts at have put together the best driving holiday destinations for travellers to swap the taxi for a car. Recommended routes including the famous Route 66 in America and the Garden […]...Read More

Are your memories figments of your imagination?

In a study conducted in the 1990s, children (participants) recalled being lost in a mall. Some participants described these events in great detail; one remembered that the elderly man who saved him was sporting a flannel shirt. But here’s the twist, none of these individuals had ever truly gotten lost in a mall. Their parents […]...Read More

How is the Metaverse changing the tourism industry?

Today, the tourism industry is facing a new digital phenomenon called the Metaverse. It’s no secret that this new wave of hype is covering our entire planet. The geek world, the digital economy, the entertainment industry, and now tourism is getting into a new space. How will the tourism that we are used to enjoying […]...Read More

Top holiday destinations for Emirati travellers in 2022

The Tourism sector is recovering at a strong pace globally as more and more countries are either easing or completely dropping the COVID-19 travel restrictions. With every single news of yet another holiday destination re-opening its borders, the journey-seekers are getting excited over the fact that their favourite holiday hotspot is back on the map, […]...Read More