Mohd Asim

Mohd Asim is a journalist based in New Delhi with over 16 years experience in news across print, TV and digital platforms. He has worked with India's premier news organizations such as The Indian Express and NDTV. A political animal, he regularly writes on politics, current affairs, cultural and gender issues. When not talking and writing on politics, he escapes into the world of movies.

Covid-19 in India: The guilt of the living

It’s been a week and the images are still stuck in one corner of my head. Refusing to go away. Shaking me out of my sleep at nights. Last Thursday I lost my brother-in-law. And it’s not the death that has affected me as much as the indignity, the humiliation a human being had to […]...Read More

The Magnificient Ms. Markle, the royal mess, and the real

It was the most hotly anticipated interview. And it turned out to be hotter than the anticipation itself. Certainly too hot to handle for the UK royals. As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry broke their dignified silence after being hounded and demonized by the “toxic” UK tabloids and the vile “Firm” that runs the British […]...Read More

#MeToo: Priya Ramani won against MJ Akbar. Now society must

One of the historic judgments in the landmark and powerful “MeToo” movement has come from India this week. A Delhi court rejected a defamation case filed by powerful editor-politician MJ Akbar against journalist Priya Ramani. Akbar, a former minister, had taken Ramani to court after she posted tweets and an article in Vogue Magazine levelling allegations […]...Read More

India’s Heroes have failed her. India needs new heroes.

And they all answered their master’s call. India’s action heroes are out in force kicking, not on-screen baddies, but real-life “bad girls”. The pinch-hitters are waving their willows at the windmills of “international conspiracy” much like Don Quixote. A six-word tweet from pop icon Rihanna has sent the world’s largest democracy, its government, and its […]...Read More

Against the tide // Parents, let your kid decode life.

A 2019 research published in ‘The Lancet Oncology’ predicted that with the rising rates of cancer, the world will face a severe shortage of oncologists in the next 15-20 years. Should you be pushing your 5-year-old to study oncology to be career ready in the next 15 years? You would say No. Right? Then why […]...Read More

Against the tide // Idiots Of The Covid Year: Take

2020 showed us once again that science is the key to human survival. The world waited this year with baited breaths for the news of Covid-19 vaccine. While the scientists around the world raced against time to find a vaccine for coronavirus, several politicians and self-claimed experts raced against common sense to offer weird solutions […]...Read More

Words that went viral in the COVID year

Coronavirus has not only changed our lives, but also our vocabulary. This, perhaps, is best reflected in the word “lockdown” becoming Word of the Year in 2020 as per Collins Dictionary. Mariam Webster and have chosen “pandemic” as their Word of the Year. Here is a glossary of words that humans across the planet used the […]...Read More

Against the tide // When Covid hit home, we were

Earlier this month, the virus hit home. After reporting daily Covid-19 infections as part of my job in the news business, I became a number myself. On November 10, as I stared at the lab report with cold feet and sinking heart, the all caps “DETECTED” in the right column read like a pall of […]...Read More

Against the tide // What should Muslims do about insults

Terror attacks in France have sent shock waves across the world. That young men seething in rage over their “hurt sentiments” can go about beheading people in public places is an unimaginable act in any civilised society. And over what? Some cartoons of Prophet Mohammed? This is not the first time that the self-appointed defenders […]...Read More

Against the Tide // Tanishq Ad row: India needs a

The controversy over an advertisement by Indian jewellery brand Tanishq shows us how broken we are. Tanishq put out an advertisement that promotes religious, cultural harmony and all hell broke loose in the troll republic. How dare Tanishq show anything that promotes love, mutual respect among communities? Boycott calls on twitter followed. Tanishq was branded […]...Read More