Minoo Jokhi

Minoo Jokhi is a Memory Wizard & a Mathemagician par excellence based in Mumbai, India. He trains people of all ages right from 4 to 80 years age and shows them how to increase their Memory-Power and once and for all shatter the myth that memory is neither good nor bad but in reality is trained or untrained.

Brain booster: Remember historical dates with ease

Late Renowned German Philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer had rightly said, “History does not belong to us; we belong to it.” Indeed History is not difficult to learn, but a great pleasure if remembered properly. Memorizing dates is very essential for history chapters, for remembering loved ones or friends’ birthdays and for many other reasons. Many times, […]...Read More

Brain-Booster: How to overcome the fear of maths?

If we do what we do without panicking, we can accomplish great things. Tony Dungy – American Sports Analyst Are you a Numerophobia? According to wiki, Numerophobia, arithmophobia or mathematics anxiety is an anxiety disorder, where the condition is fear of dealing with numbers or mathematics. It is a fear that many face everyday in their […]...Read More

Brain-Booster: Enrich your mind while you take a break

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. Albert Einstein Everyone knows Albert Einstein and that he was a genius. He said very correctly: “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” Never set limits; set higher goals in life. Essentially do activities that enhance your personality and make yourself more intelligent and […]...Read More

Brain-Booster: Students must overcome exam fear

It is rightly said FEAR has two meanings: Forget everything and run orFace everything and rise. The choice of what you want to do is yours. A well-known fear that we know is of kids and students exam time fear. Students everywhere we see get very worried for marks and good grades. We all know […]...Read More

Brain-Booster: Enhancing your memory skills

As you get older three things happen.The first is your memory goes,and I can’t remember the other two. Norman Wisdom Norman Wisdom has always had a witty take on life, and it showed in his work. No matter which way we take it, loss of memory has always been a point of concern for many. […]...Read More