Minoo Jokhi

Minoo Jokhi is a Memory Wizard & a Mathemagician par excellence based in Mumbai, India. He trains people of all ages right from 4 to 80 years age and shows them how to increase their Memory-Power and once and for all shatter the myth that memory is neither good nor bad but in reality is trained or untrained.

Brain-Booster: Memorizing your passwords with ease

If knowledge is power,learning is your superpower Jim Kwik It is rightly said: Knowledge is power. One has to apply this knowledge in day-to-day life. And one thing to do well in today’s fast world is having tough to guess but easy to remember passwords. In today’s times; we have so many credit and debit cards; […]...Read More

Brain-Booster: Enhancing your memory skills

As you get older three things happen.The first is your memory goes,and I can’t remember the other two. Norman Wisdom Norman Wisdom has always had a witty take on life, and it showed in his work. No matter which way we take it, loss of memory has always been a point of concern for many. […]...Read More