Namita Mittal

Social media whiz and former journalist who lives to travel, to meet new people and to keep an eye on everything trending. Major foodie, dog-parent and chronic shopaholic. When not travelling, Namita can be found furiously planning her next vacation.

Namita’s Natter // Global Warming Reveals The Ugly Side Of Mt Everest – Mountaineers’ Ego Tourism

It’s every climber’s dream – conquering the mighty Mount Everest. Since long before the world’s highest peak was first conquered in 1953 by Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, mountaineers from across the world have travelled to it. From spring to late summer every year, young and old climbers make their way to Nepal to summit […]...Read More

Namita’s Natter // Locked & Down In Covid: The 30-Somethings Are Burning Out Fast

They are young, they are at the prime of their lives, their careers are flourishing, their personal life is great…so why are they depressed?  Most 30-somethings, or young adults, have been complaining of an unsettling weariness that’s been weighing them down for the past few months. They’ve been juggling remote work, children, housework and the […]...Read More