Sid Razi is a UAE-based writer who has a profound understanding of movies and shares his opinions and views on the lifestyle of UAE.

Thar – A Decent Attempt at Neo-Western

I wonder at what point in the script narration did Harshavardhan Kapoor decide to act and produce the film. Was putting the dry, arid yet beautiful landscape on-screen the motivation behind the decision. Was playing the dark, brooding angry young man that we watched Amitabh Bacchan play to perfection in the early 1970’s the reason. […]...Read More

The Tragedy King is no more. Long Live the Tragedy King.

As the legendary actor breathed his last, one can only recall the massive impact he has left on the world and to a (now) lost era of culture, purity of language and thoughts. Especially my parent’s generation (born in 1940-1950’s), the thespian had deservedly attained a demi-god status. Being brought up listening to anecdotes of […]...Read More

SHERNI: Caged in the system

Sherni (Tigress) is a beautifully made movie indicating that wars are not won only by rebelling against the system. Instead, some battles are to be fought by being in the system and bring about the desired change with sustained efforts. Amit Marsurkar, who had done an excellent job in his second directorial venture, “Newton”, now […]...Read More