Vismay Anand

An avid reader who enjoys a good bite and a good binge of TV shows at any given time. She is here to tell you stories just as they happened.

Children’s novel Khushi launched at SIBF 2022

Sharjah: As the Sharjah International Book Fair continues to Spread the Word, a children’s book that sheds light on the relationship between man and the environment Khushi was launched among guests. The novel narrates the story of a little boy Jay and a cat named Khushi as penned by Sadiq Kavil who meet in a […]...Read More

World Samosa Day! September 5th

Dubai: World Samosa Day! is celebrated on September 5 every year, and we are excited to celebrate this day by eating delicious samosas. If you’ve never had one of these delicious little pockets of goodness, you’re certainly missing out.Here Team Brew is bringing you some important things you need to know about Samosas from the […]...Read More

Tiffany is selling custom CryptoPunk pendants for AED183,655

Tiffany & Co quickly sold out a limited collection of 250 custom jewel-encrusted pendants for holders of CryptoPunks, a popular early non-fungible token collection. CryptoPunks was launched in 2017 and consists of 10,000 unique 8-bit-style generated characters stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is “essentially the cave paintings of Web3 art. We’re talking about […]...Read More

Take a standing power nap at work with the Kamin box

Japan has developed standing sleep pods so employees can slip away and have a quick standing nap. Tokyo-based office furniture supplier Itoki collaborated with Hokkaido woodworking company, Koyoju Plywood Corporation, to create the ‘nap box’ or the Kamin box, to enable workers to have a mid-day nap. Itoki communications director Saeko Kawashima said the nap […]...Read More

ZipStitch — The do-it-yourself device for closing wounds quickly on the go

In everyone’s day-to-day life, be it chopping vegetables or playing sports, minor cuts are quite common.  Deeper wounds will often require a trip to the emergency room and ultimately stitches — a painful, invasive procedure. Enter US tissue-repair device company ZipLine Medical has developed a tool called ZipStitch, which combines the convenience of plaster with […]...Read More

Heinz creates a fries spoon to get a perfect dollop of sauce

Heinz’s new Spoon Friez has been launched to introduce spoon-shaped chips capable of scooping up the perfect quantity of ketchup, putting an end to the suffering of crisp, white tops up and down the country.  The little potato spoons scoop up the perfect amount of Heinz tomato ketchup per mouthful. Announcing the scrumptious invention, Heinz revealed it […]...Read More

A giant sunspot is facing us right now

As if the heat across the world was not concerning enough, now a giant sunspot facing Earth has apparently doubled in size. That’s right, in the past 24 hours, Active Region 3038 on the sun has been pretty, well, active. The news comes as areas across the globe are experiencing unprecedented heat, with Iran recording […]...Read More