Vismay Anand

An avid reader who enjoys a good bite and a good binge of TV shows at any given time. She is here to tell you stories just as they happened.

A company to pay wages in gold as a trial

As part of a new trial, the boss of a financial services firm in London is offering his employees the chance to get paid in gold. Cameron Parry, CEO of TallyMoney, believes it makes no sense for him to continue paying his staff in pounds. Parry, who employs more than 20 members of staff is […]...Read More

Drones to plant 100 Million trees by 2024

AirSeed Technology, an Australian start-up is planning to plant 100 million trees by 2024 using an army of seed-firing drones. The firm is using artificial intelligence to find areas in need of some trees and firing seed pods from the sky. CEO and co-founder of AirSeed Technology said, “Each of our drones can plant over […]...Read More

An election result settled with a coin toss

In an unusual turn of events, an election was decided by the toss of a coin. People across the UK came out to vote in their local elections. However, while some councils saw candidates take clear majorities, a vote for Monmouthshire County Council saw came down to the narrowest of margins. And the vote for […]...Read More

A couple exchanged NFT vows on the Blockchain

Two people who had crossed paths several times in the past, only became one when Anil Narasipuram slid into Shruti Nair’s Instagram direct message. As the world went into lockdown in 2020, romance bloomed via social media between the two. A few months later, Narasipuram proposed at Nair’s parents’ house and she said yes. They […]...Read More

Space Hotel is all set to open in 2025

The plans for a new space hotel set to open in 2025 have been revealed. The United States-based space company Orbital Assembly has revealed two new projects which will see business people and tourists alike take to space. The company hopes to launch two separate space stations; the Voyager Station, which is set to open […]...Read More