Avo-lanche causes farmers to push for more consumption

Avo-lanche causes farmers to push for more consumption

Australian avocado farmers are requesting people to eat more of the green fruit as there is currently a massive oversupply.

As per a report conducted by agribusiness bank Rabobank, avocados are up by 26 per cent compared to last year, equating to 22 avocados per person.

The author of the report Pia Piggot said that the surge in avocados would continue over the next few years as well.

She said, ​​”Each year, during that period, over 1,000 hectares of avocado trees were planted, and [those] trees are still too mature and still to produce avocados.

“This year, we’ve seen a large increase, particularly in WA, with acreage maturing there.

“And for the next few years, we’re going to see that increase all across Australia.”

“Simple demand-and-supply economics tells us that when supply increases, the price will drop, so prices this year are 47 per cent below the five-year average as well,” Piggott said. 

She added that unsurprisingly the low prices are affecting sales, as consumption is significantly increasing.

Domestic production is said to increase by 40 per cent or 50,000 tonnes over the next five years, with every state seeing tremendous growth.

About Rabobank

Rabobank is a cooperative bank with a mission. Together with our stakeholders, we have been dedicated to creating a future-proof society and tackling major societal challenges for 125 years. In the Netherlands, we serve retail and corporate clients; globally we focus on the food and agriculture sector. Our starting point is: that together we can achieve more than we could individually. For big or small challenges, in every area, people join forces in search of solutions. Rabobank has been doing this for almost 125 years. And will continue doing this. To grow a better world together. Rabobank wants to contribute to positive change and promotes a more sustainable, inclusive society. This is how we do that.

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