Bali’s abandoned mysterious Boeing 737 and its many theories

Bali’s abandoned mysterious Boeing 737 and its many theories

Losing something as simple as a pen is quite easy to make, but imagine losing a 200-person aeroplane, this is the odd mystery of an abandoned Boeing 737, which is still planted in the middle of a field in Bali and nobody knows why.

Situated in a limestone quarry near the Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Highway, it is only a short journey from the popular Pandawa beach.

As is often the case with the bizarre and unexplained, plenty of theories have circulated as to how the plane got there.

The most popular is the suggestion from locals that Boeing was originally installed by a wealthy businessman.

Legend has it that he wanted to turn it into a restaurant but ran out of funds before he could finish, so he simply left the plane parked in the field. But, as said, this has never been confirmed by authorities.

While the defunct aircraft has piqued the interest of plenty of urban explorers over the years hoping to experience something a little different on their travels, unfortunately, it is fenced off and only available to see from a viewpoint.

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