Canada ready to welcome the world to Canada through Canada Pavilion in Expo 2020

Canada ready to welcome the world to Canada through Canada Pavilion in Expo 2020

  • Partner of Canada pavilion To Toronto Inc announces, “The Future in Mind” events at Expo 2020
  • To Toronto Inc gives exclusive insights into Canadian opportunities in Investment, Business, and Immigration sectors

Dubai: Canada’s theme for Expo 2020 Dubai, The Future in Mind, as well as its 2 sub‑themes of innovation and diversity, are a call to celebrate human ingenuity. These themes will highlight the leadership of Canada, its provinces and territories, and its cities in many sectors, including artificial intelligence, robotics, education, digitization, telemedicine, clean technology, agriculture, health sciences, and aerospace.

The leading Canadian management consulting firm To Toronto Inc announces its presence in the Canada Pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai. With “Global Affairs Canada” at the helm, the Canadian Pavilion has a theme, “The Future in Mind” for Expo 2020. 

Talk to the TheBrew, To Toronto Inc. CEO-Partner, Dawinder Singh said that Canadian Pavilion will be a visitor experience showcasing what Canada has to offer to the world. Aligning with the Canadian Pavilion’s theme for Expo 2020, To Toronto Inc will be hosting 4 approved events with topics ranging from Investment in the Canadian Construction sector to Business Setup & Immigration to Canada.

Targeted at Innovators and entrepreneurs from across the world To Toronto Inc presence at Expo 2020 is an excellent launchpad for those who aspire to make Canada their home turf. 

Dawinder Singh informed that To Toronto Inc is a Management Consultancy and Business Accelerator with offices in Oakville (Greater Toronto Area) and Waterloo (Tech city) of Ontario. We collaborate with Disruptive start-ups and foreign entrepreneurs and help them relocate, grow, and scale from Canada.

To Toronto Inc. CEO-Partner, Dawinder Singh said that after the pandemic when the Canadian PR process will open, the prominent sectors with good opportunities will be IT and skilled trade workers.  Justin Trudeau government may do some changes in PR policy, in its third term, as per their mandate.

He added that Being a welfare society, Canada always cares about its population. During the pandemic, the world noticed it, where loans were shifted to without interest and the government was supporting to unemployed population.

Why UAE: Dawinder Singh added that we already have a significant clientele in the UAE and middle east and from our experiences we know there are a lot of people from the region interested in what Canada has to offer for them, be it trade, investments, education, or immigration. Being a world event, The Expo 2020 Dubai will surely be a confluence of bright minds, ideas, and exchanges. UAE is Canada’s biggest export market in the MENA region and investors have always been attracted to opportunities in Canada. 

Why Canada: Canada has always been an attractive choice for students, fresh graduates, and young couples to immigrate to. Why do you think this is? Can they look forward to detailed advice? How will this be done at the Canada Pavilion?

Of course, Canada has always been a magnet when it comes to attracting talent from across the world. Some of the world’s best universities are in Canada, which is also a global trade hub where entrepreneurs benefit from its NAFTA and other free trade agreements with the G7 bloc. 

In other words, being a Canadian company has its own perks when it comes to scaling up your business globally. Immigration to Canada is another major attraction for global talent and Canada has some of the most transparent and sought-out immigration programs. Visitors are always welcome to approach our team at the Expo for detailed discussions, and we also encourage people to register their participation in our events in the Pavilion. Details of the events and registrations are given below.

As the way to do business in Canada is entirely different from South Asia and the Middle East and that is why we are here for the right guidance in terms of finance, eco-system, demography, and legalities, etc. Lifestyle is for sure one of the best in terms of comfort, harmony, and opportunities.

Why To Toronto Inc: We wish to showcase a multitude of areas ranging from Investments to Immigration at the Expo which we believe many visitors would be eager to explore.   

Topics like Canadian Immigration are of mass interest & our continual interactions with clients in the middle east region bring to our attention the lack of transparency and integrity they face in the local markets.  Our goal is to enable potential applicants with the knowledge they deserve to make the right choices for themselves and their families.

To Toronto Inc grooms such entrepreneurs and helps them enroll into world-class Incubation programs run by various Designated Incubators in Canada. Access to capital is important for deserving start-ups and our team helps the founders/entrepreneurs with key tools like Business Plans, financial modeling, pitch deck, etc., to help them align their ideas with VCs and Angel investors.

Company Incorporations, virtual business addresses, coworking spaces, etc. are provided on a need basis to our clients who could then focus their attention solely on their business. We always serve the mandate of the Canadian government in terms of immigration and investment.

Immigration and Investment sessions at Canada Pavilion: Dawinder Singh, CEO-Partner at To Toronto Inc says that four events are to be hosted by To Toronto Inc with direct collaboration with the Canadian Government during the expo. All events are free to attend. Alongside, there will be some extremely attractive incentives for all the visitors at the Canadian Pavilion making their access to the Canadian market more attractive and economical. To Toronto Inc requests all visitors to secure their attendance at our events by registering in advance on our website

Our team will be present at the Canada Pavilion throughout the Expo which starts from 1st Oct 2021 to 31st March 2022. At any time to book a one-to-one consultation, you can email us at [email protected] or call +971-505106147 / +971547865285

Additionally, we have 4 exclusive events for which you can register using the Expo page link mentioned above.

Event 1 – Check your Eligibility for Canadian Immigration – 22/Oct/2021

Event 2 – Investment Opportunities in Canada – 27/Nov/2021

Event 3 – Startup Canada – 18/Dec/2021

Event 4 – How to Setup a Business in Canada – 19/Mar/2022

All the events are free to attend, however keeping limited capacity in mind, seats will be reserved to registered visitors on a first come first basis. They can visit the expo page on our website and register:

Lastly, he added that, to seeing the new opportunities and demands, To Toronto Inc is planning to expand its business and offices in the Middle East and India in the coming future.

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