Celebrate Diwali at Festival Plaza Dubai from September 29 to October 30

Celebrate Diwali at Festival Plaza Dubai from September 29 to October 30

Dubai: Festival Plaza celebrates Diwali by introducing a host of events and welcomes patrons to join the vibrant cultural extravaganza from September 29 to October 30.

Diwali, also known as the ‘festival of lights’, will be celebrated at the Festival Plaza, with a full-fledged Diwali Bazaar, a range of exciting activities, entertainment, competitions and workshops for families of Dubai to indulging in.  Decorated in bright hues and vibrant décor reflecting the festive vibe, the mall is set to dazzle its visitors.

Diwali Bazaar

Embodying the essence of this magnificent festival, a special Diwali market will be open to the public from September 29 till October 23. The market will feature an array of fashionable garments, accessories, worship items, home décor and food options to be explored by the visitors. A special one-day extravaganza will also be held on October 30 with a Diwali food pop-up carnival as well as performances and prizes.

Competitions and Workshops

Offering a creative way to express oneself this season, the traditional art form of Rangoli-making will be revisited in the form of a competition at the mall. The competition will take place on October 22nd and 23rd, offering grand prizes to create winners. Win up to AED 3,000 while having fun with the whole family. Book your spot anywhere around the mall and get creative. Additionally, special workshops for children to learn Diya and light painting will be held during the weekends from October 22-23.

Activities and Experiences

Series of spectacular and engaging activities during this time include special Diwali performances by cultural groups showcasing dance and music from the different states of the Indian subcontinent every weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, each entrance to the mall will sparkle with the Diwali decorations, offering the best photo opportunities and selfie spots to capture memories of the festive day at Festival Plaza.

Furthermore, during this auspicious time, the grand Hindu temple at Jebel Ali will be inaugurated and open for worshippers. Festival Plaza will organise a free shuttle bus for the visitors to the temple from October 5th, to be able to pay their homage and then join the Diwali festivities at the mall. The mall Park, Shop and Ride services from Festival Plaza to the worship complex will be running from October 5 onwards.

Showcasing the magnificent spirit of Diwali this season, Festival Plaza invites everyone to be a part of this auspicious celebration that is sure to be an enriching and vibrant experience for all.

Summary of planned events:

What: Diwali celebrations

Where: Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali

When:  September 29 to October 30


  • Diwali market: 12 pm – 10 pm Thursdays to Sundays
  • Rangoli competition: October 22nd and 23rd
  • Kid’s painting workshop: October 22nd and 23rd
  • Special cultural dance and music performances: every Saturday and Sunday
  • One day Diwali Carnival: October 30th, 2 pm onwards

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