Chef Vikas Khanna’s first-ever Phygital NFT unveiled in Dubai

Chef Vikas Khanna’s first-ever Phygital NFT unveiled in Dubai

Dubai:, World’s first ‘Phygital’ platform has launched the first-ever digital twin and NFT of ‘Sacred Foods of India’, a limited-edition book by Michelin Star awarded Chef Vikas Khanna, in Dubai. Sanjeh Raja bought the first Phygital unit of the sandalwood book from ICCA (international Centre of Culinary) at a price of $50000 (AED183,655). This magnum opus work by Chef Vikas Khanna is a limited-edition book that brings recipes of prasad, and foods served at various holy places around the country. has created Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) of the book which will enable Vikas Khanna’s fans and those interested in rare collectables to own original NFT along with the physical book. This purchase will authenticate the originality of this limited-edition work, and ownership of the asset cannot be duplicated in any form. This is the first-ever collaboration for Chef Vikas Khanna with a Web 3.0 enterprise, and in the times ahead, there is a possibility he can create more augmented reality

The first NFT project of Chef Vikas Khanna and the first Indian book launched as an NFT, “Sacred Foods of India” is a tribute to the culture & heritage of India. After eight years of meticulous labour, “Sacred Foods of India” by Chef Vikas Khanna is a one-of-a-kind limited-edition luxury and a rare collectable asset with

Rare Gemstones, Swarovski crystals and embellished with gold gilding. The book comes in creatively engineered Walnut and Maple wooden boxes or a highly limited edition (only 2) of pure Sandalwood boxes, acquired with official Indian Government Certifications. The paper used is acquired from special sources from Italy, that will last for generations, which is also treated with embossed knurling to give that canvas painting feel. Vegetable ink sourced from Japan is used for printing the scripts. Even the glue used is vegetable glue, researched and developed in Germany.

Speaking at the launch, Ganesh Raju, CEO, said, “Starting today, the World is going to witness a new evolution in the digital space! And we are happy to partner with a ‘Brand’ by himself, Vikas Khanna, to create NFTs of his greatest work to date. Web 3.0 will transform the way in which enthusiasts of unique collectables will engage with him. Considering Chef Vikas Khanna’s popularity and the uniqueness of this book, we expect the NFTs of this work will acquire great eminence as time passes. We are very excited as the first sandalwood phygital unit of the book is sold at 50000$. What a Great Start! ”

“In these fast-changing times when the world of the internet is metamorphosing into the future rapidly, it is important we take the big leap forward. ‘Sacred Foods of India’ is very dear to my heart, and I wish this will be a prized possession for those who are interested in buying or investing in works of passion. I am happy to be associated with, World’s first ‘Phygital’ platform, which will enhance the user experience by generation. The clarity in vision of those behind makes me believe, that together we are going to create a great asset via this launch. I welcome one and all to be a part of my journey, as I take a giant vault into the new age of the internet,” added Chef Vikas Khan.

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