Conversational Analytics and AI-Driven recommendations are the future of customer-based industries

Conversational Analytics and AI-Driven recommendations are the future of customer-based industries

As the market is adopting the new technologies in every aspect of business and customers are more concerned about their data and digital footprint and how the tech companies are helping both parties to ensure data safety and revamp the entire business model.

TheBrew spoke to the Executive Vice-President of LumenoreNaren Vijay, about AI and conversational analytics.  

TheBrew (TB): What is conversational intelligence in terms of AI and what sets it apart from other types of computer intelligence?

Naren Vijay (NV): Conversational AI can combine verbal phrases with traditional software. Voice assistants, chatbots, voice interfaces are examples of the same. What makes the concept unique and valuable is that it does not rely on manually written scripts. It allows companies to automate highly personalized customer service solutions. Companies can increase customer engagement, automate customer problem resolutions for FAQs and improve accessibility for customers with disabilities. Lumenore’s NLQ-based ‘Ask Me’ feature is such an AI-driven conversational tool. The user can ask business queries in plain English and receive answers instantly. It also learns from the user’s frequently searched questions and delivers the answer they need.

TB: How does Lumenore’s ‘Do You Know’ system work?

NV: The ‘Do You Know’ system is an AI-powered recommendation system that uses predictive intelligence to provide users with insight-informed decisions. It uses customized forecasts, trends, and updates to make predictions. It reduces reliance on technical knowledge so that users can focus more on their products and customers. In short, it ensures that users can get the most out of their data.

Naren Vijay – Executive Vice-President of Lumenore

TB: What are some benefits of being a no-code platform?

NV: Developers often must choose between function and speed to bring an app to market. With a no-code platform, developers get the ability to turn projects around faster than it would take to build them using traditional or low-code options. It also improves the quality of the app because it allows the developer to focus more on their products while platforms like Lumenore handle the code maintenance and execution. Another important benefit is that anyone in a team can harness the potential of data. This helps them to make better decisions at the right time.

TB: What are some things that Lumenore is doing to build resilience against changing customer behavior?

NV: Lumenore’s products leverage predictive analytics and conversational intelligence to stay on top of upcoming trends to ensure our customers stay ahead of the curve. Most of the issues the users face are taken care of at the planning and development stage itself. This is why customers choose Lumenore’s products over our competitors. To keep up with the ever-changing market trends, we have to stay ahead with technological advancements and innovate to provide better solutions for our customers.

TB: As the world is becoming more digital, regulators and consumers are more aware of their digital footprint than ever before. How does Lumenore navigate the complexities of an increasingly digital world?

NV: Consumer data has become a very important part of businesses in today’s age. While companies are reaping the benefits out of this, they are also being entrusted with the security of their personal data. Customers are also becoming more vigilant and concerned about the data they share. For Lumenore, our goal has always been to empower our customers and give them the right tools they need to get a transparent view of their operations and drive successful business outcomes. We aim to democratize data for everyone and provide insights rather than facts. Hence, our products are meant to be accessible regardless of technical knowledge. We gain our customer’s trust through honesty and by empowering them to be in control of their own data.

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