Finally! You can now delete that one photo from Instagram’s carousel

Finally! You can now delete that one photo from Instagram’s carousel

Much awaited move by Instagram! It already had the option of posting a mix of ten images and videos in a single post, and now after almost four years, Instagram has opened up the possibility to DELETE any single image or video from a carousel.

In one of his latest weekly video updates, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri explained how the new function works after saying it was something Instagram should have implemented a long time ago.

To delete a photo or video from a carousel, you have to go to that particular carousel post, hit the three dots symbol, then the edit button. You can then swipe over to the image or clip you wish to erase, then hit the delete icon on the top left corner.

Unfortunate for Android users, the functionality is presently only accessible on iOS but according to Mosseri, it will soon be available for Android phones too.

The Rage Shake
Another feature that has been added to Instagram is the Rage Shake. US Instagram users have the option of shaking their phone if anything isn’t working correctly on Instagram. This will bring up the app’s problem report interface.

They can then inform the firm of what occurred. According to Mosseri, it will assist Instagram in prioritising the specific problems that need to be addressed.

TheBrew team believes a version of the Rage Shake should be available globally in all apps called ‘Rage Throw’. We think it will help for a much-needed de-stressing, don’t you?

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