Dh3.649 million for E 55

Dh3.649 million for E 55

DUBAI: The proceeds of the public auction No 107 of special car plate numbers, organised by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai yesterday, amounted to Dh36.276 million.

The number (E 55) grabbed the highest price value, having been sold for Dh3.649 million, followed by the number (W 29), sold for Dh2.5 million; then the number (X 35) for Dh2.480 million; number (V 88888) for Dh990,000; then the number (V 9999), for Dh860,000.

In its public auction, the RTA has offered 100 dual, triple, quadruple and five-digit number plates for distinctive vehicles of different categories.

Such auctions are of great importance to the authority because they meet the aspirations and desires of a large segment of the public, so the authority seeks to organise them according to market needs The auction was held at the Intercontinental Festival City Hotel.-WAM

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