Dubai Hospital launches surgical robot Da Vinci Xi

Dubai Hospital launches surgical robot Da Vinci Xi

DUBAI: A specialised medical team at Dubai Hospital has performed the first successful surgery using the Da Vinci Xi Surgical Robot on a 22-year-old Emirati patient suffering from a blockage in the upper part of the ureter.

The complaint made the patient suffer from enlarged kidneys and its complications.

Dr. Yasser Ahmad Al Saeedi, Consultant, Robotic Surgeon and Head of the Urology Department, and his team carried out a two-hour surgery during which the obstructed part of the ureter was removed and the ureter was reconnected to the renal pelvis.

The operation was a success and the patient will be discharged within a few days, according to the hospital.

Dr. Maryam Al Raisi, CEO of Dubai Hospital, highlighted that in line with the vision and mission of the DHA, the hospital pays emphasis to the implementation of the latest technologies and smart solutions to provide the highest quality of specialised patient-centred care.

Dr. Al Saeedi, the first Emirati surgeon to specialise in robotic surgery, says this is a state-of-the-art surgical procedure in which the conventional laparoscopic technique is combined with high precision robotic technology ensuring minimal incision, enhanced precision and faster recovery time as well as minimal post-surgery hospitalisation.

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