Dubai ruler laments Arab youth’s desire to leave their ‘homes’ behind

Dubai ruler laments Arab youth’s desire to leave their ‘homes’ behind

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and ruler of Dubai, took to Twitter on Tuesday to share his thoughts on the ‘painful’ desire of youths in the region to migrate elsewhere.

“The most recent and largest study of Arab youth in 17 Arab countries showed that almost half of the Arab youth are thinking of emigrating from their country” he said, citing a research by BCW.

“It is painful that half of our Arab wealth wants to emigrate. It is painful when the Arab youth does not find a homeland, safety and livelihood in his homeland,” the Dubai ruler lamented.

In his tweet, Sheikh Mohammed pointed to a poll that indicated 77% of Arab youth believed in the existence of ‘government corruption’ in their countries, while 87% of the concerns stemmed from fear of unemployment.

On the other hand, His Highness also lauded the polls that painted UAE as a favoured gem in the region.

“UAE is the preferred country to live in for 46% of Arab youth, followed by the United States, 33%, then Canada, Britain and Germany. And we say to them: the UAE is everyone’s country and we have tried to build a successful model. Our experience and our doors and books will remain open to all,” he declared.

Several comments flooded in, cheering the Sheikh Mohammed’s convictions and sincerity towards an ‘open and welcoming world.’

“Sir, we are proud of you,” said one comment.

“We congratulate ourselves on you, and we congratulate the Arab and Islamic world and the whole world for you, as history will classify your historical actions and positions, and your leadership will remain proud and eternal over the years, and we ask God to make your days long and protect you,” it added, in a sentiment echoed by many in the thread.

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