Dubai Tourist Police enhances security awareness for 8 hotels

Dubai Tourist Police enhances security awareness for 8 hotels

Dubai: The Dubai Tourist Police Department at the General Department of Criminal Investigation (CID) has recently organised a workshop to raise the awareness of employees of the hospitality sector on smart police services, security procedures and public safety measures.

The workshop gathered 125 employees from eight hotels across the emirate to familiarise them with the safest ways to serve Dubai visitors and tourists and ensure their happiness and satisfaction.

According to the Director of the Dubai Tourist Police Department, Colonel Khalfan Al Jallaf, these workshops and lecturers carried out by the Department all year long aim to achieve Dubai Police’s strategic objectives toward enhancing the communication between the public and private sectors.

Col. Al Jallaf pointed out that the workshop discussed various services the Dubai Police and Dubai Economy and Tourism Department provided.

The participants were introduced to the e-crime platform, types of drugs and their vices, Smart Police Stations (SPS) services, and the Lost & Found system at Dubai hotels, in addition to how and when to contact the police in case of emergency (on 999) and non-emergency situations (on 901).

About Dubai Police Smart Police Station

The Smart Police Station (SPS) is an integrated interactive self-service police station. It is the first of its kind, in the Middle East and it allows community members to apply for Dubai Police services that are provided at traditional police stations.

The Station provides many smart services, e.g., registering a criminal report, delivery of found materials, and all requests of certificates and permits.

This type of self-service station, supported by smart and interactive technologies, will be established in many new areas and projects, within the Emirate of Dubai. They will enable customers to complete their transactions, smartly, and without having to visit traditional police stations or wait in queues to complete their transactions.

The project includes the development of a number of self-service centres, distributed across the Emirate of Dubai, offering services in such ways, as “Drive Thru” and “Walk Thru”.

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