Elon Musk finally meets his Twitter pal from India who says he is a down-to-earth person

Elon Musk finally meets his Twitter pal from India who says he is a down-to-earth person

San Francisco: Elon Musk’s Twitter buddy from Pune Pranay Pathole, who recently met him, referred to the tech billionaire as “super genuine” and “down-to-earth,” media reports say.

“He is super genuine. Like, way down-to-earth. He is humble,” the 23-year-old said.

“I don’t think that he’s a troll. He is an unpredictable guy,” he added.

Pathole recently met Musk at his Gigafactory in Texas and said it was great to meet him in person. They have been friends since 2018 on Twitter, and keep discussing various topics from space to cars and more.

“To be very honest, I have no idea. I think he must be like, really intrigued by my questions,” he said.

“I want to get a job at Tesla on my own merit. It is not like I want any favours. It would be good if he could interview me,” Pathole mentioned.

In May, Musk said that he is not running Pathole’s Twitter account.

Pathole, who has more than 1.8 lakh followers, had said: “Many people think that @elonmusk runs my Twitter account. And it’s TRUE. He’s a super busy guy, building rockets, making life multi-planetary, building futuristic electric vehicles, digging tunnels. And somehow, he finds time to run multiple Twitter accounts. YES.”

Musk replied: “Haha, I don’t even have a burner Twitter account! I do have a cheesy secret Instagram account, so I can click on links that friends send me.”

The Tesla CEO hardly misses replying to Pathole’s tweets.

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