Emirates ranks first on ‘COVID come-back’ Index in Arab region

Emirates ranks first on ‘COVID come-back’ Index in Arab region

The Emirati colours soar high in the Arab region as UAE ranks first on the ‘COVID Economic Recovery Index Ranking’ issued by the Horizon Research Group.

The Index assesses how 122 countries are positioned for recovery, based on their overall health resilience, and the pre-existing structural strengths and weaknesses at the core of their recovery capacity.

Thanks to its long-term economic agility, robust, adaptive institutional system, and high literacy rate, the UAE occupies prominent places among advanced countries assessed by the Group in terms of health resilience, highly educated workforce, low debt levels, governance & social capital, as well as digital economy.

“While they may have been deeply affected initially, countries…. including the United Arab Emirates, Luxemburg, Singapore, Israel, Malta, or Ireland, display stronger economic resilience, which will support recovery,” reads the Index.

“These countries are mostly relatively small, open economies, highly dependent on international trade and/or flows of capital, and on sectors that are vulnerable to COVID containment measures. Most of these countries have strong institutions and well-educated populations and are digitalised.”

On Monday, the UAE Health Ministry conducted 78,483 tests, announcing 1,064 new cases, 1,271 recoveries, and one death.

[Sourced from Agencies]

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