Emirati businessman donates 10 devices to Bread for All initiative

Emirati businessman donates 10 devices to Bread for All initiative

Dubai:Bread for All” initiative launched by Mohammed bin Rashid Global Centre For Endowment Consultancy, which is affiliated with Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation in Dubai, has received support from Emirati businessman, Khalaf bin Ahmed Al Habtoor, to provide a number of devices for the initiative. Bread Initiative device donation

Al Habtoor purchased 10 pre-programmed smart machines to prepare free bread for the needy and workers, to be distributed in collaboration with shopping centres at a number of approved locations in Dubai. Bread Initiative device donation

“Such initiatives consolidate the humanitarian position of the UAE and contribute to the solidarity of all society’s segments, and I thank the organisers for this good idea and urge everyone to participate. We are fully prepared to support this initiative across all emirates,” Al Habtoor commented. Bread Initiative device donation

Ali Al-Mutawa, Secretary-General of the Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation in Dubai, stated that philanthropy in the Emirates is a culture inherent in citizens and noted that the initiative reflects the vision of wise leadership in promoting a culture of social solidarity, adding that the initiative has attracted the attention of the community and has been widely welcomed and disseminated.

Zainab Al Tamimi, Director of Mohammed bin Rashid Global Centre For Endowment Consultancy, appreciated the businessman’s initiative. She explained that these combined contributions will strengthen the centre’s efforts to launch other innovative foundations that will raise the standard of living for individuals and the underprivileged and contribute to social balance.


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