Exclusive Video: Loving husband gives wife a Rolls-Royce worth Dh 1.5 million as a birthday gift

Watch exclusively only on TheBrew, how a Dubai-based Indian expatriate Amjad Sithara decided to take the birthday celebration of his wife to the next level — by surprising his wife Marjana with a sleek new Rolls-Royce on her special day.

Marjana celebrated her 22nd birthday on October 3, and Sithara, husband and founder, and CEO of the BCC Group decided to up the ante by gifting her the super luxury car. The market price for Rolls-Royce in UAE is Dh 1.5 million.

Talking to TheBrew, Amjad Sithara said, “I am a huge fan of luxury cars. My wife just got her driver’s license recently, and we just had our first child as well”. He added that he has several other cars in his garage like Mercedes G-Wagon, E Class, Range Rover, Bentley, Lexus, Land Cruiser, Jeep and Dodge.

The couple hails from the Kannur district in Kerala. Amjad Sithara’s company deals in real estate, manpower, construction and interior fit-out.

Shaneer N. Siddiqui

A news aficionado, Shaneer, Managing Editor of TheBrew.ae, is a keen observer of how news and mass communication industry is bringing about an invigorating change. He has a vast journalistic experience and writes on topics covering politics, social and development issues.

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