Experience Expo City Dubai with a special pass for AED120

Experience Expo City Dubai with a special pass for AED120

Dubai: Expo City Dubai is launching a one-day Attraction Pass – valid from October 1 onwards – that will allow visitors to enjoy its flagship pavilions for AED 120.

The Attraction Pass will give visitors access to the Vision Pavilion and the Women’s Pavilion, which will re-open on 1 October, as well as Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion and Alif – The Mobility Pavilion.

The spellbinding Surreal water feature and the iconic Al Wasl Plaza – home to the world’s largest 360-degree projection dome – will also open on 1 October, and are free of charge for all visitors.

Further additions to the Attraction Pass – including the Expo Museum, the Stories of Nations exhibitions and a number of Country Pavilions – will be unveiled soon.

About Expo City

Dubai Expo 2020, the first World Expo to occur in MEA, is now becoming an innovative new city district, one that stands among the leading efforts to showcase sustainable cities and smart infrastructure in the region.

The Expo event, which ran for six months through last March, gained notoriety for its ambition to become the most sustainable expo ever. From its start 10 years ago, it was planned to be the nucleus of a new permanent district designed to set a new course for the sprawling desert metropolis.

Ambitious goals for energy use, water and waste recycling were set. Protocols for monitoring, reporting and adjusting in light of emerging data were put in place. Design and construction took seven years. Expo City Dubai Pass

The Expo 2020 site is being transformed into a technology-driven smart city, Dubai Expo City. It seeks to be a hub for high tech business in a dense city district devoted to high environmental goals. Expo City Dubai Pass

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