FeelQuest: Where horses help you heal

Monica Kubik, FEELQUEST, speaks to TheBrew.ae on the special bond that humans share with horses and how to improve confidence and develop a great personality with the help of horses.

In a unique new method of human development coaching known as equine therapy, Monica Kubik, explains that by observing the reactions of horses around their clients and vice versa, she can help them uncover the roots of their problems, be it in a team, or in a private session. A deep and profound experience, these trainings offer insights into self-awareness, collaboration and leadership in a way no other learning experience can.

In this new modality focused on mental health, coaching takes place mostly from the ground, not mounted on the horse, and with a group of free roaming horses who can choose to interact or not. It is therefore also suitable for clients who have no prior horse experience or are slightly nervous around these big animals.

What we learn in a Horse guided Empowerment® session is the value and power of authenticity where we realize very quickly that if we don’t instantly drop the masks that we tend to project in most of our communications, it is literally impossible to have any kind of interaction with a horse.

By being allowed to show up as our authentic self, we start seeing our habits and patterns much clearer, which helps us understand and ultimately cope how we feel in the aftermath of uncertainty over the past year and a half. We feel accepted and free of judgement, and this can be very empowering especially to clients who come with anxiety or depression to a session.

For more information and training, readers can reach Monica Kubik by visiting feel-quest.com.

Babar Siddiqui

Creative by nature and adventurous by choice, Babar, Features Editor of TheBrew.ae, enjoys indulging in the simple pleasures of life. If not found penning articles on environment, culture and technology, he enjoys spending time pondering in the midst of nature.

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