FIFA World Cup Fans can watch the matches live at the Sheikh Zayed Festival

FIFA World Cup Fans can watch the matches live at the Sheikh Zayed Festival

Abu Dhabi: The Higher Committee, organising the Sheikh Zayed Festival, has announced that the Festival will provide a number of screens for the regular airing of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 football matches, which will be distributed throughout different areas of the Festival starting from the November 20 to December 18, 2022.

The outdoor screens will give visitors of the Festival and football fans the opportunity to watch and follow the matches starting at 4 p.m. until 12 a.m. on weekdays and till 1 a.m. during weekends and on national holidays.

Organisers of the Sheikh Zayed Festival made sure that football fans will enjoy the matches within the Festival’s wonderful ambience while simultaneously keeping up with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, a major sporting occasion that also hosts various entertainment events for football fans from around the world. In addition to providing new ways to celebrate their passion for football, fans can enjoy an exciting array of events, before and after games that include concerts, entertainment, heritage, and cultural shows, parades, pavilions, a wide variety of cuisine offerings to delight everyone, competitions, and many more that can be explored and enjoyed within the festival grounds.
This year’s edition of the festival continuously enhances its efforts to bring fun and entertainment for all, including football fans, music lovers, and food and beverage enthusiasts.

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