Gas guzzler goes GREEN! Say marhaba to the Hummer EV

Gas guzzler goes GREEN! Say marhaba to the Hummer EV

We didn’t think it could be possible in our lifetime but the most famous truck/SUV of recent times, the GMC Hummer, will be available in an electric version soon.

The civilian version of the US army’s HUMVEE, the Hummer H1 was launched as the next-level fad for the who’s who of the world. After we saw Arnold Schwarzenegger drive in one of these monstrosities, the Hummer became a dream catch of many. Celebrities and general public with pockets deeper than the Mariana Trench flocked to take a bite of this fame-magnet.

The Hummer soon launched the H2 and H3, which were the smaller sisters of the big brother H1. Unfortunately, the H2 and H3 could not live up to the hype. The vehicles, though all-terrain, were loathed by green eco-activists because of its low mileage. The Hummer was once described as “the most anti-environmental vehicle in the history of the world” by David Hirsch, of Friends of the Earth in the US. Which obviously meant the cars were not quite economical for the general public and for the climate. By 2008, people realized that it was a very impractical purchase decision, and the company began to see a downturn in sales. Even Schwarzenegger, who by then had a fleet of Hummers, gave them up. (His being elected as Governor of California may have played a part too). It is well known that many Hummer showrooms were set on fire in California by radical environmentalist, so hated was the behemoth Hummer.

It was truly news that GMC turned a new and green leaf by unveiling the zero emissions Hummer EV (Electric Vehicle for the uninitiated). Going by the images on its website, GMC has a winner on its hand. Check the images below and you will have something new to add on your bucket list too.

According to details on the website, the 4WD Hummer EV will be available in two versions – SUV (Launching in 2023) and pickup (Launching in May 2021). It is interesting to know that the EV will run 300+miles (563 km) on a full charge and has loads of bells and whistles. It remains to see how efficiently it performs in real time, but we are certain the Hummer EV could very well be the eco-lover’s must have dream vehicle.

All-terrain and electric, what else would we want.

Babar Siddiqui

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