GCC residents can apply for an eVisa to visit Saudi Arabia

GCC residents can apply for an eVisa to visit Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Tourism has announced that GCC residents can now apply for an eVisa to visit the Kingdom through an online portal, making it easier than ever to visit the country.

To apply for an eVisa through the online portal visitors can visit www.visitsaudi.com/visa, and residents of the UK, US, and the EU can apply for a visa on arrival in the Kingdom.

Holders of a valid tourist or business visa from the UK, US, or one of the Schengen Agreement countries continue to be able to apply for a visa on arrival, provided that it has been used at least once to enter the country granting the visa, the ministry said.

The new regulations remove the need for many would-be visitors to visit their country’s embassy before entering Saudi Arabia, increasing opportunities for potential travellers through a simplified journey, the ministry added.

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khateeb said “elevating the visitor experience is at the heart of the tourism sector’s future.”

Al-Khateeb added: “Through harnessing digital innovation and streamlining the traveller journey, Saudi Arabia is welcoming more and more visitors from all corners of the globe.

“On track to deliver our ambitious Vision 2030 goals, this is an important step as we develop a sustainable, resilient, and competitive tourism sector while also delivering for our people.

“Tourism bridges cultures and connects communities, it provides opportunities and uplifts neighbourhoods, and I am proud to lead the ministry as we build this future together.”

Source: Agencies Saudi Tourism Evisa Online

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