GEMS Education Plogging event makes picking up trash fun!

GEMS Education Plogging event makes picking up trash fun!

GEMS Education launched the first-ever ‘plogging’ event in the UAE in partnership with DULSCO, as the first initiative to bring the GEMS Global Ambassadors together on a common mission earlier today.

The GEMS Plogging Event aimed at bringing together 50 participants including students, staff, and parents from across 5 GEMS schools in Dubai to spread awareness and take positive action for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

The event received an overwhelming response with over 15 schools from the GEMS Global Ambassadors Society indicating their interest in participation. However, considering the COVID 19 restrictions, the first GEMS Plogging event saw only 50 ploggers pilot the initiative, with plans for scheduling more such events in the near future.

Plogging is an initiative being introduced to rebuild a stronger and happier society in Dubai by embracing the benefits of fitness and wellness habits while caring for the environment. Ahead of the Dubai Fitness Challenge championed by Sheikh Hamdan which seeks to provide everyone with opportunities for an active lifestyle, GEMS Education seeks to bring Plogging to the Emirate.

A firm believer of leading a healthy, sustainable life, Mrs. Asha Alexander, Principal of GEMS Legacy School and Executive Leader – Climate Change at GEMS Education, said: “Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is indispensable and when you can combine that with working for the environment, cleaning up the beaches and doing your bit, it’s a great way ahead.”

GEMS Plogging Event

Plogging is an organized activity that started in Sweden in 2016, which gained momentum globally with increasing awareness of the concerns associated with the growing plastic pollution. Plogging is a term was invented by Erik Ahlström referring to the act of picking up trash and litter while jogging. It is a portmanteau of the Swedish term plocka upp, which means “to pick up,” and jog.

The first GEMS Plogging event in association with DULSCO was successfully done completed at the Jumeirah Public Beach. DULSCO also launched their mascot ‘Birdy’ and showcased their recycling bus to the participants.

Source: GEMS Education Press Release

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