Hulk saves the day yet again!

Hulk saves the day yet again!

A man from Brazil narrowly escaped death after a bullet shot at him that was remarkably blocked by his Hulk-themed phone case.

The unnamed victim was admitted to the University Hospital in the city of Petrolina in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco earlier this month after shots were fired at him.

Dr. Pedro Carvalho initially feared the worst for the victim but this all changed when he realised the bullet hadn’t actually penetrated the skin.

It instead ended up just grazing his hip after his Motorola smartphone case blocked the shot, which ultimately saved his life.

Although the man was shaken, he only had pain in his hip area, which had only received a small bruise, according to Dr. Carvalho.

Dr. Carvalho subsequently posted photos of the damaged mobile phone on Twitter, where they received over 6,000 ‘likes’.

Source: Agencies

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