Hydrate your plants with these IV Bags

Hydrate your plants with these IV Bags

An invention that will change your life forever, an IV bag to water your plants. Basically, plant life support is here in the form of an IV style watering bag.

The IV bag is a product by a company named Jungle Tops, which specialises in their love and care for indoor plants.

It is being marketed as a ‘drip-feed of everything your plant needs for the duration of your vacation.’

For many young adults, getting some indoor plants is the first test in seeing if they can look after something other than themselves.

According to the company, the bag will give you ‘peace of mind while you’re away from your beloved leaf baby.

They’ve thought of everything for the Plant Life Support product as well, coming with a water bag, peg hook, flow regulator, arrow dripper, a tube, and a washer.

It seems like anyone could easily use it as well, even those plant-care challenged folks.

It’s as simple as filling the IV bag with water, connecting the regulator, putting the IV bag on a hook, and popping your arrow dripper into the soil.

Source: Agencies

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