It’s a different kind of bag!

It’s a different kind of bag!

Balenciaga’s big Barbes East-West Shopper Bags that eerily look like carrying bags are priced between a whopping $1950 (AED 7,162) to $2090 (AED 7,676).

The luxury fashion house that deals with haute couture have made waves across the internet with their new bags that could be seen to look like designer ones but could be quickly mistaken for plastic carry bags.

Pishvi means plastic bag in Marathi Source: whysaharsh Instagram page

The photo surface online was shared by an Instagram user named @whysaharsh after he came across the brand’s latest collection on their website. 

Their products are made with 100% calfskin which explains it being so expensive. The post has garnered a lot of traction online with several users joking they might want to start selling their own thailas (plastic carry bag name in Hindi) online.

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