It’s fascinating how crystal clear this natural body is

It’s fascinating how crystal clear this natural body is

MEGHALAYA: A picture of River Umngot, also known as the Dawki River has been making the rounds of the internet. Why? Because it looks unimaginably beautiful, crystal clear as if the boat is gliding in the air. The river seems like a mirror, reflecting a river bed that is hanging in the sky. The picture was posted on Twitter by the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India.

The image posted by the Ministry of Jal Shakti comes with a caption that reads, “One of the cleanest rivers in the world. It is in India. River Umngot, 100 kilometres from Shillong, in Meghalaya state. It seems as if the boat is in the air; the water is so clean and transparent. Wish all our rivers were as clean. Hats off to the people of Meghalaya.”

Meghalaya in the Northeast state of India is renowned for its natural wonders, a state that is completely covered with nature’s blessings. The Umngot River, or Dawki River as it is popularly known, is in the border town of Dawki, and is said to be one of the cleanest rivers that you will ever come across. It is located in the West Jaintia Hills district.

The picture got a lot of attention on Twitter, and it certainly seems like an experience fit for travel. Dawki is an important tourist destination here in the state of Meghalaya and is a popular picnic spot.

Source: Agencies

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