It’s never too late to learn how to drive

It’s never too late to learn how to drive

A 99-year-old woman has recently become Britain’s oldest learner driver. 

According to the motoring association, MotorEasy, the 99-year-old is also joined by a 97-year-old and two 96-year-olds, who have all applied for their provisional licences since 2016. 

Duncan McClure Fisher, founder, and CEO of MotorEasy, said, “The saying goes that you are as young as you feel, and age doesn’t have to be a barrier to achieving something as big as passing your driving test. Many people find learning to drive a little daunting, so anyone who decides to take the plunge should be applauded no matter their vintage. These surprising figures show that rather than being cowed by their age and events such as the Covid pandemic, these plucky pensioners are embracing their independence and living life to the full. As long as you have the physical and mental ability to become a capable and responsible driver, it shouldn’t matter whether you begin at 17 or 99.” 

It is surprising to hear that there is no age limit on learning how to drive, or indeed driving, in the UK. 

However, once you have reached the age of 70 you must renew your licence every three years, rather than every 10 years for under the 70s, to ensure you are still physically and mentally fit for UK roads. 

Despite being 95, Her Majesty the Queen is no stranger to getting behind the wheel, as she was spotted driving around Windsor Castle just last month. 

The Queen’s late husband, Prince Philip, also kept driving until he was 97, just two years before he passed away. 

So, if you’re a young person who hasn’t learned to drive yet because you think your time has passed — it’s clearly never too late.

Source: Agencies 

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