Learn all about Japanese falconers at the ADIHEX 2022

Learn all about Japanese falconers at the ADIHEX 2022

 Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX 2022) celebrates its 50th anniversary of the distinguished relations between Japan and the United Arab Emirates. In celebration of the fifty years of friendship between the UAE and Japan, JODCO INPEX Group will present several activities that reflect the true essence of the Japanese culture, which include falconry shows, traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, falconry equipment making, artworks depicting Japanese and Emirati heritage, as well as many musical and art performances. Moreover, samurai swordsmiths will also take part in the Exhibition, and children will have the chance to experience the taste of falcon and horse-shaped candy, passionately prepared by an expert candy maker. In addition to horseback archery, attracting enthusiasts from various cultural backgrounds.

The ADIHEX which is one of the biggest of its kind in the Middle East and Africa seeks to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and further develop and enhance it to best meet the common aspirations based on intercultural dialogue. 

The 19th edition (ADIHEX 2022) will be organized by the Emirates Falconers’ Club between September 26 and October 2. Officially sponsored by the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, the International Fund for Houbara Conservation, and Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, where the event will be held. Other sponsors include the sponsor of the “Hunting Weapons” sector, Caracal International LLC, the visitor experience partner, POLARIS-Specialised Sports Equipment, as well as event sponsors, including Smart Design, Royal Tent, ARB Emirates, as the official automobile partner, and the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the supporting partner. 

Japan UAE falcon ADIHEX Japan UAE falcon ADIHEX

On this occasion, His Excellency Majid Ali Al Mansouri, Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee and Secretary General of the Emirates Falconers’ Club emphasized the importance of keeping falconry alive by interacting with falconers from other cultures and stated that the barriers of language and culture have never been an issue in that regard. Falconry is a universal sport that gives falconers tremendous feelings of joy and happiness regardless of where they are in the world. Falconers have a lot in common. The charm and beauty of this sport bring us closer together. 

He added that the relationship between Emirati and Japanese falconers started around a quarter of a century ago, but the unique friendship between the UAE and Japan dates back even further nearly half a century. Moreover, he described their visit to Japan as beautiful and unforgettable. They were warmly welcomed by the Japanese falconers who showed unmatched hospitality and kindness.” 

His Excellency explained that Japanese falconry derives its value from the Japanese culture, which is such a unique one in its own right, and the Japanese traditions are reflected through the impressive set of falconry tools. Japan has distinctive schools that teach falconry using traditional Japanese methods, and through our visit, we had a unique opportunity to delve deep into the ancient cultural heritage of Japan. 

Furthermore, His Excellency Al Mansouri invited the Japanese community in the UAE, which numbered more than 5000 members, as well as the many Japanese tourists to visit the Exhibition and enjoy the various shows and events that will take place there.  

It is noteworthy that the friendly relations between the UAE and Japan have been going strong for fifty years. However, over the past years, this cooperation between them has developed into a more advanced strategic partnership. 

Diplomatic ties between the two countries were first established in May 1972. Japan is one of the first countries in the world to establish diplomatic ties with the UAE. Since then, these historical relations have continued to evolve and yielded immense growth and prosperity for both sides. 

Officials of the two countries are keen to strengthen and expand cooperation toward building a brighter future. The two countries have strong relationships in various arenas, including culture and arts, traditional and renewable energy, technology, and space programs, as well as scientific and academic exchange. The UAE and Japan will remain strong partners in dealing with various international issues, along with the strength of their trade and economic relations. 

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