Louis V face shields worth $961 to enter ‘pandemic-fashion’ fray

Louis V face shields worth $961 to enter ‘pandemic-fashion’ fray

A necessity turned luxury, face masks and shields have now marked their place among accessories to keep up with the demands of the pandemic world. And luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s latest face shield, touted in its 2021 Cruise Collection, has stepped up to this scene.

The price alone is indicative of the pizazz (or wealth) the owner may flaunt, at an exuberant $961 a piece – the kind of sum that can set many a jaws dropping.

Designed with the signature ‘LV’ trim along the edges of the plastic and headband, and their statement gold studs, the shields are to be launched in October. 

Louis Vuitton now falls in the league with other luxury brands, like Burberry, that have also invested in Covid-19 fashion-gear. Burberry recently announced the launch of their face mask, estimated at a sum of  $115.

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