Man captures on camera UFO flying over Newcastle

Man captures on camera UFO flying over Newcastle

A man from Newcastle claims to have captured a video of a UFO flying above the city, and it isn’t the first time he’s seen such sights in the sky.

Stephen Wilson, a 49-year-old who saw something spooky in the evening sky, and filmed it with his mobile phone to capture the moment forever.

First, it seems that there is nothing but the usual fluttering of birds, but then the camera focuses on some unknown object hovering around in the sky.

It appears to twist in the air and change shape as it moves across the sky, though what exactly it is nobody can be quite sure.

Being a flying object that is unidentified means it does technically fit the description of a UFO, though that doesn’t mean Newcastle residents should be rolling out the welcome mat for aliens and working out which parts of the city extra-terrestrial visitors would like to see first.

The 49-year-old was sure the object he filmed was not a drone or a balloon due to the way it moved and sounded.

Wilson said, “I thought at first that it was a balloon, you know how people get birthday balloons and they let them off…but I was watching it tumble and I thought, that’s not a balloon. My sister was here so I shouted her. She came out and I asked her if she could see it too. It was coming over the top and I started taking photographs. There was no sound, not an engine or anything. If it was a drone it would have been buzzing away. It started moving quite fast. It stayed at the same height – about the height of a helicopter flying around – and then it turned and headed off towards the A1.”

He also explained that he shared his video on a UFO group to get their response and his video footage apparently coincides with an incident in Gateshead where lots of car alarms went off at the same time.

Source: Agencies

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