Man spends over AED9000 to track down a thief who stole AirPods

Man spends over AED9000 to track down a thief who stole AirPods

UK: Manchester man Lewis Ellis realised he’d left his headphones behind after he got off a flight from Bangkok and decided to track them down.

Noticing that he had lost them, he got in touch with the airline staff said they couldn’t let him back on the plane to pick up his AirPods, though he thought they’d be returned to him later on in the airport.

A few hours later and they were nowhere to be found, so Lewis decided to track them down using the Find My app on his phone, and saw they were jet-setting around the world.

While many people would write this off as an unfortunate incident and just get new AirPods, Lewis instead decided to plan a grand adventure and fly halfway around the world to get his headphones back.

Ellis said he spent the next few months watching his AirPods become very well-travelled in the possession of whoever took them.

He said: “I don’t know who took them but my AirPods went on the holiday of a lifetime. I watched as they flew from Qatar to Katmandu, before heading to a small village in the Himalayan mountains overlooking Nepal. They then took a short jaunt to Thailand before finally coming to rest back in Doha. I just couldn’t stand it any longer – so I decided to track them down.”

What started as a bit of a joking dare from his friends led Lewis to fly 4,000 miles and rack up travel costs of £2,300(AED9,927) to get his headphones back.

He flew to Doha to kick off the hunt for his headphones, constantly checking the app so he could get as close as possible.
Accompanying Lewis on his grand quest for the lost AirPods was friend Tom and local man Karim, who they met at their hotel and wanted to get in on the adventure.

Following the app’s guidance to an apartment block, the intrepid trio went floor-to-floor and door-to-door trying to connect to them by Bluetooth.

After much searching they finally made a connection, leading Lewis to know he’d found the right flat.

Eventually, they were allowed in and the long-lost AirPods were handed over without any trouble.

Lewis said there were ‘no hard feelings over the AirPods and he was ‘just happy to have them back’.

The 31-year-old has been on TV screens a few times, most notably in season 15 of The Apprentice where he made it all the way to the final five before getting fired.

In the aftermath of his stint on The Apprentice, he got a tattoo of Lord Sugar posing as Al Pacino, which he’s dubbed ‘Sir Alan Pacino’. Man travels airpod search Man travels airpod search

He also appeared on the reality TV show Open House: The Great Sex Experiment, where he revealed ‘everyone was shagging’ while the cameras were off.

Source: Agencies

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