Monkey calls 911 from a cellphone sending police to the zoo

Monkey calls 911 from a cellphone sending police to the zoo

California: A monkey has caused a massive amount of confusion at a California zoo after police rocked up to respond to a 911 emergency call, zookeepers, along with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, now believe it was a cheeky monkey named Route that placed the call.

Police dispatchers received a call that eventually was disconnected.

Dispatchers tried to call and text the number back but received no response, which led to dispatchers sending a squad car to investigate the call.

Police found themselves at Zoo to You, a zoo in Paso Robles, facing down a group of very confused zookeepers who denied calling them.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office shared an update of the incident on social media to explain the slightly odd turn of events that followed.

“Deputies were sent to investigate,” the social media post reads.

“The address took them to the offices of Zoo to You near Paso Robles. No one there had placed the call.”

The post added, “Was someone trying to make us look like a monkey’s uncle? [But] then they all realised… it must have been Route the capuchin monkey.”

After a bit of head-scratching, police and zookeepers eventually came to the realisation that the zoo’s Capuchin monkey, named Route, had got her hot little hands on a mobile phone.

The phone had been abandoned in a golf cart somewhere on the 40-acre zoo property, which is where Route had apparently found the phone and began to play with it… and inadvertently called police in the process.

“We’re told capuchin monkeys are very inquisitive and will grab anything and everything and just start pushing buttons,” the sheriff’s office said.

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